About Jothivel

About Jothivel

Our Poonusamy Master learned several types of silambam and became expert in some techniques, he trained his two sons Mr.Jothivel and Mr.Sakthivel and made them expert as well.

Mr.Ponnusawmy Master's most favorite silambam types are kuravanji and Padaiveradu

Mr.Jothivel and Mr.Sakthivel as like their father and they were also expert in silambam. Later, they participated many competitions and wons prizes.

After the death of Mr. Ponnasamy Master, Mr.Jothivel and Mr.Sakthivel took incharge of the school and is now best known as "Muthamil Silambakudam"..

Mr.Sakthivel Master was working as Central Railway Police Department of Tiruchirappalli District and also were contributing his part in Muthamil Silambakudam. Mr.Jothivel Master started their teach as a full-time silambam, in their process "Muthamil Silambakudam" performed well,
participated in traditional silambam competitions in various districts and performed their skills, they were awarded varieties of gifts & prizes.

Mr.Jothivel Master had trained silambam for many students. After the death of Jothivel Master, Mr.Sakthivel Master started to take up the "Muthamil Silambakudam. Even after the death of Jothivel Master, by the incharge of Mr.Sakthivel Master the silambam School was functioning with the same glory.

The Sakthivel Master renamed "Muthamil Silambakudam" to "Jothivel Silambam School (Jothivel Silbambakudam)" in memory of his beloved brother.

Sakthivel also trained his son's Mr.Dharmaraj, Mr.Vigneshwaran and Mr.Gopalakrishnan in all techniques he had learned and made them experts as well.

After the renovation of the Jothivel Silambam School(Jothivel Silbambakudam), their sons and students went to various districts
and participated in traditional silambam competitions and won many prizes led by Sakthivel Master.

Sakthivel Master retired as a Central Railway Police Department after his retirement, he full time took teaching and created many simalbam experts and promoted Silambam.He devoted his life to his students, followed by his son Mr. Dharmaraj Master trained the students in Silambam school.

Prior to the Anniversary of the Annual Prize in Tiruchirappalli Anna Sports Center, Jothivel Silambam School (Jothivel Silbambakudam) Master Mr. Dharmaraj and Secretary Mr. Saravanan headed of the students first to the participated Sports Silambam, students took the total marks and won the most prizes.

The Jothivel Silambam School (Jothivel Silbambakudam) will be a part of the game at the 2000 Anna Annual Stadium, Tiruchirappalli District Silambam Association was registered in 2000 and was merged with the Tamilnadu Silambam Association in 2001.